Agnes and True

Thank you for considering Agnes and True as a destination for your work.

We accept submissions of short fiction year-round. Please read the guidelines below to determine whether or not your work would be suitable for our journal.

Agnes and True is a Canadian online literary journal. As such, we are dedicated to providing a place for the work of Canadian writers, both established and emerging. While we accept submissions from outside Canada, we do place an emphasis on works of fiction that exhibit a Canadian sensibility.

As our name suggests, Agnes and True celebrates the achievement of women. In addition, we are particularly interested in discovering and publishing the work of emerging older writers (both female and male).

Please note: at this time, we publish in the English language only.

What we are looking for

  • Works of short fiction that have a word count of 500-10,000
  • Fiction that exhibits a Canadian sensibility (whether or not the writer currently resides in Canada)
  • Fiction that exhibits insight on the part of the writer

What we do not publish

Agnes and True does not publish pornography or work that includes explicit descriptions of sexual activity or gratuitous violence. We also do not publish work that is racist or sexist or that would incite others to become racist or sexist.

We reserve the right to define all the above-mentioned terms for ourselves.

How to submit to Agnes and True

Information on submitting a story can be found here.